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Stormwater Drains within the Complex

Stormwater Drains

If you are carrying out renovations on your Villa please ensure that trades in particular (painters and tilers) are aware not to tip waste water and other items down the storm water drains.

  • These lead to the canal and can contaminate the water ways.

  • There are significant fines attached to those who wilfully create environmental harm.

Let's be ECO Friendly

Stormwater only

Maintenance of your Villa

As a result of the storm, a number of queries have been raised in relation to the Body Corporate’s and owners’ responsibility for maintenance of Villas.

Oasis Villas is covered under a Standard Format Plan and sometimes it may not be quite clear. The link below may assist those owners with queries.


Qld Gov Maintenance Standard Format Plan


If you have a query please do not hesitate to contact us.

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