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Update from around our complex

Caring for Your Pet

It is very disappointing that the below article has to be reposted. There are a couple of pet owners demonstrating a disregard and lack of respect for other residents within Oasis.

Dog faeces have been found on the grassed areas along the canal, the middle of the complex, the paved areas in front of resident garages and the garden beds at the northern end of the complex.

Whilst pets are welcome in the complex under the conditions of by-law 18, owners who do not pick up after their pets are not.

Owners identified as not picking up after their pets may have the approval for the pet to be on common property removed.

There is still an issue with a pet owner not cleaning up after their pet - there are significant health risks to people and other pets from dog faeces residue

  • Attracting rodents looking for food

  • Parvovirus - potentially deadly to dogs

  • Worms - hookworm, ringworm, tapeworm or toxoplasma

  • Bacteria - salmonella, E. coli and campylobacter

  • For the health safety of all residents and other pets please ensure you clean-up immediately after your pets

The Oasis Villas by-laws have been uploaded to the Contacts section of this news website.

Gate Fobs


If you are having difficulty with your gate fob not working in the first instance, check that the battery is not going flat.

If you require a new fob, one can be ordered by sending a request to

The fobs have been purchased at a discount and cost $100 each. An invoice will be issued to owners purchasing a fob through Pinnacle.

If you are renting your residence the new fob must be organised through the owner/real-estate agent.

Please note there is an issue at the southern gate with fob reception and you may need to move close to the gate for the fob to work.

The Body Corporate Committee is currently working on a solution for this.

Illustrative purposes only

Security Update

Further to the email of 13 March 2024 regarding an intruder in the complex it would appear the person was opportunistic.

The person was caught on CCTV footage at the southern end of the complex at 12:24am on the 13 March trying to enter a vehicle where the garage door was open and then again at the northern end of the complex at 12:33am entering a garage and attempting to enter a vehicle.

Residents are requested to be vigilant towards strangers or unusual behaviour in the complex and take the appropriate steps to secure their property.

Unusual behaviour can be reported to the Body Corporate at If the activity is malicious immediately report it to the police.

As a follow-up to this event non genuine visitors i.e. not being accompanied by a resident have been identified using the complex facilities.

Upon investigation it was identified they were using a resident’s gate code to gain entry.

If your gate code has been passed to a non-resident or used by a prior resident it can be changed by downloading and completing a “New Owner & Tenant Registration Form” from the Contact section of the Oasis News website and sending it to so that the code can be changed.

Ensure YOUR property is secure!

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