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PLUS update from around our complex

New Oasis Body Corporate Committee

At the AGM on Monday 26 February 2024 the new Oasis Body Corporate Committee was decided.

Congratulations to all new members and a big thankyou to departing members for their assistance throughout the year.

Meet the New Committee:

Chair – Sandi Anderson (Villa 50)

Secretary – Richard Wittmack (Villa 20)

Treasurer – Mihai Daian (Villa 39)

Ordinary Members

Ian Bailey (Villa 44),

Joe Diadone (Villa 67)

Richard Drew (Villa 58)

Lyn Whatson (Villa 30)


Oasis Villas Maintenance

  • If you have an idea for an improvement within the complex or see something that needs repair, please feel free to send an e-amil to

  • This will allow the committee to consider any suggestions and address any concerns in a timely manner.

  • Recently an owner identified the roller doors in the bin rotundas were difficult to raise/lower and suggested motorising the doors.

  • The work to add the motors and some protective bollards to reduce future damage to the door tracks will commence in early March.

  • The motorised doors will not require a key fob – they operate via button.


New plantings in the pool area

  • If you have used the pool area recently you will have noticed many new plants being planted and some ready to plant.

  • This work is being undertaken by two of our owners (Joe Daidone and Richard Drew).

  • If you would like to volunteer to assist please contact Joe or Richard.


New Gym Equipment

  • A new piece of equipment has been delivered for the gym.

  • The old treadmill that was not working has been removed and replaced by a refurbished rowing machine.


Hazard alert – stones in garden beds

  • During recent mowing activities a near miss occurred with a stone from a garden bed being thrown up and hitting a neighbour’s window. Owners and residents are advised of the following:

  • Stones in garden beds next to grassed areas are not approved by the Body Corporate and are not appropriate.

  • They present a danger to people if thrown by mowing or whipper snipping activities and can cause damage to property e.g. glass windows.

  • All residents are asked to check garden beds on their lot bordering grassed areas and remove any stones that are close to the edge that have the potential to spill onto the grassed areas.

  • Or ensure they are sitting behind a barrier sufficient in height to stop them ending up on the grass.

  • Any damage or injury caused as a result of stones being thrown will be the responsibility of the lot owner, not the Body Corporate.

  • The Body Corporate is currently reviewing different types of edging for the Body Corporate garden areas prior to proceeding with any new concrete edging.

  • To reduce the likelihood of injury or property damage if you can check for areas similar to those in the images below:.

  • Thankyou for your support and cooperation in this matter.


Mosquitoes and Rodents

  • Mosquitoes – The recent wet weather has provided ideal conditions for mosquito breeding.

  • The Gold Coast City Council has a spraying program underway to treat the breeding areas.

  • The Body Corporate has recently conducted a spraying program throughout the gardens to treat mosquito breeding areas.

  • Residents can help reduce mosquito numbers by emptying containers that can hold water at least weekly e.g., water reservoirs of self-watering pots, flower vases and pot plants.

  • Rodents – Recently the Body Corporate has had the pest contractor install rodent traps.

  • Residents can help reduce the opportunity for rodents by keeping the lawn in your lot mowed low and removing any long weeds.

  • Any rubbish should be quickly moved to the bins.

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